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Custom Dragon Pet Portrait

Custom Dragon Pet Portrait

PriceFrom $125.00

Order a painting of your pet reptile or amphibian as their true selves- dragons! If you don't have a pet, you can still order a dragon painting of your favorite reptile/amphibian. Offered in 3 sizes:
SMALL: 5x7" - one pet only
LARGE: 8x10" - up to 2 pets
EXTRA LARGE: 11X14" - up to 3 pets

XL PLUS: 11x17" - up to 4 pets

Customize as little or as much as you want! Here are some suggestions on what you can customize:
-Reptile or amphibian
-Colors for wings/body
-background (can be just the dragon, or you can add a gemstone, mushroom, shoe, veggie, fruit, etc)

     *Large size and up can have a full scene/enironment included*



Custom paintings take 3-4 weeks to complete. Before shipping, I will send you a picture, and I will make any changes to make sure it is perfect.

Send me an email with pictures of your pets, and other comments, at (please include your order number in your email)!

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