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Original characters- Nerdy Birdies- available in multiple products:

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Matted Prints

$12 each

Custom orders: $15

Nerdy Birdy Print Options

5x7 inches

Nerdy Birdy Print examples
Nerdy Birdy Print examples
Custom Nerdy Birdy Shark




Mini Nerds!

$15 each

Mini Nerdy Birdies

Design is 2.5x3.5 inches, and comes with a frame

Mini Nerdy Birdies

Stickers and pins!

$3 per sticker or pin, or 4 for $10 (any combination)

Durable- can go on cars, phone cases, and even through the dishwasher

1" pins

Nerdy Birdy Pins

Holographic stickers!

$5 per sticker or pin, or 2 for $8 

Nerdy Birdy Holographic Stickers
Nerdy Birdy Holographic Peacock Sticker


$15/pair, or 2 pairs for $25

Nerdy Birdy Earrings
Nerdy Birdy Earrings

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