Dragon Hoards: Gemstones

Barred Rock Acrylic Painting

Barred Rock | 8x10" | $100 | Buy on Etsy

Psychedelic Honeybee

Psychedelic Bee | 8x10" | $195 | Buy on Etsy

prints available

Nerdy Birdy Chicken
Nerdy Birdy Unicorn

Nerdy Birdy matted prints | 5x7 | Buy on Etsy 

Psychedelic Octopus

Psychedelic Octopus | 8x10" | ORIGINAL SOLD 

prints available - - Buy on Etsy 

White Squirrel on Mushrooms
Black Squirrel on Mushrooms

Squirrel Greeting Cards | 5x7 | Buy on Etsy 

122 Western Avenue

Lowell, MA   

Studio #A203

Open Studio 1st Saturday of every month: 12-5pm. CLOSED FOR COVID. Appointments only.

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